Your Horse

The market leading monthly magazine for horse owners, offering superb advice and features on how to care for your horse, how to improve your riding, and comprehensive gear and product reviews.

Your Horse magazine inspires its readers to enjoy every single second in the saddle.

Written by a team of expert equestrian enthusiasts who understand the day-to-day challenges and rewards of horse riding and ownership, Your Horse magazine is a great source of advice that will help you:

Improve Your Riding Skills
With inspiration from the best riders and trainers in the world, we will help you improve your riding, whatever your level or ambition.

Horse Care Advice
Expert tips and advice on all aspects of horse care, including common worries solved and modern day care and medical techniques explored and explained.

Buying Advice
Our trustworthy advice will help you spend your money with confidence on the best products for you and your horse.

Join us as we meet riders and owners around Britain and beyond, revealing exclusive stories and adventures in the process!

Your Horse is published 13 times a year, every four weeks, and has a cover price of £4.75.

Your Horse
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