Britain's best-selling magazine dedicated to the whole air-cooled VW scene.

Read VolksWorld magazine, Britain's best-selling magazine dedicated to the whole air-cooled VW scene and you find all the information you need to become a VW expert.

Every issue keeps you in the loop with all the goings-on in the VW world, with reports on the latest Volkswagen car shows and other news from the VW scene. You'll get advice on purchasing and maintaining your VW in the 'Practical VolksWorld' section, which includes Q&As and 'How to' guides.

Immerse yourself in the VW community with the regular 'Readers' Rides' features, where proud VW owners can show off their motors, and can write in with any questions or suggestions that they may have.

A subscription to VolksWorld magazine is a must buy for all fans of air-cooled Volks Wagons and particularly the legendary Beetle. VolksWorld takes pride in going to extraordinary lengths to bring its readers the most outstanding and fascinating features which cannot be found anywhere else.

VolksWorld magazine is a major part of the VW scene, be sure to be a part of it by investing in a subscription. It covers the very best vehicles worldwide from full blown modified cars through to the original, providing inspiration entertainment and scene-defining information to its readers. VolksWorld magazine also reaches into exhibitions with the annual VolksWorld Show – the largest indoor VW event in Europe.

VolksWorld is published every four weeks and has a cover price of £5.50.

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