The BR Chronicles

Charting 50 Years of British Railways/British Rail History

This forensic-like analysis charts 50 years of British Railways History, from its formation in 1948 through to the completion of Privatisation of British Rail in 1997, when the national network was managed by Railtrack.

Each 100 page issue covers a half decade and goes into great details with historical events, vital statistics and a closer look at individual elements, such as the introduction of the first diesel locomotives, the construction of new freight yards, the railway postal service, The BTC and changes in railway management, the Modernisation Plan, the BR 'standard' steam locomotives, Mark One Coaching Stock, electrification, Prototype 'Deltic' and so much more.

Issue One includes a preview of Nationalisation, the events that led up to the amalgamation of the former 'Big Four' railway companies into the behmoth that was British Railways, which as well as the railways included ships, hotels, an air postal service and much, much more.

Issue Two covers the introduction of BR's new standard steam locomotives which were allegedly based upon the best practices of the combined Big Four following extensive testing following the creation of BR and looks at the first main line diesel locomotives.

 BR Chronicles will span 10 issues and is published quarterly and has a cover price of £9.99. Click here to pre-order the final issues or buy any issues that you have missed.

Two further issues are to be published in this series:

Issue #9 - 1988 - 1992 with an on-sale date of 26th May 2023

Issue #10 - 1993 - 1997 with an on-sale date of 25th August 2023

Please note publication dates are subject to change.

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