Sea Angler Guides

The best-selling sea fishing magazine in the UK brings you a series of must-have guides to saltwater angling covering shore and boat, species and great places to fish.

Sea Angler Guides are essential reading for the true followers of the saltwater recreational angling, covering boat action through to shore fishing. Sea Angler Guides brings together a complete package providing latest techniques and tackle from the world’s best brands, as well as engaging the biggest names in the sport to provide you with their tips and tricks to catch more fish.

Covering the seas around the British Isles and all the fish that inhabit them the Sea Angler Guides are brought to you by Sea Angler, the best-selling sea fishing magazine in the UK. Whether it is baits, rigs, rods, marks, tackle or other equipment you are interested in, you’ll find it featured within the Sea Angler Guides series.

Sea Angler Guides have a cover price of £7.99.

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Sea Angler Guides
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£ 6.99

Sea Angler
613 September 2022

£ 3.50

Sea Angler
612 August 2022

£ 3.50

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