World of Ships #7 - Orient Line

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World of Ships

Issue 7 - Orient Line

Orient Line: The Last Great Liners

First on-sale July 2018, reprinted in October 2019.

Due to popular demand this 100 page publication has been reprinted in perfect bound format. A high quality finish, measuring 274mm by 218mm.

An impressive new 100-page book in the World of Ships series tells the story of the last of famous Orient Line’s liners. The four post-war ships built for the Line at the Vickers Armstrongs Barrow Shipyard were progressive ships that set high standards in passenger ship design, construction and decoration.

The 28,000grt Orcades (1948), Oronsay (1951) and Orsova (1954) were near sisterships that entered service post-war with high hopes of long and profitable careers, sailing from the UK to Australia on line voyages, interspersed with holiday cruises.

All three were significantly upgraded in 1959/1960 to bring them in line with the latest trends and cater to modern passenger requirements. Sadly, changing global circumstances would conspire to relegate them prematurely to Taiwanese scrapyards. 

The fourth ship, Oriana (1961), although primarily based on the earlier ships, was at 42,000grt, much enlarged and significantly faster. She was designed specifically to allow an intensified, expanded routing, with the higher cost of such endeavours offset by a much higher passenger load. From 1973-1986, Oriana transgressed to become a successful full-time cruise ship, before becoming a static attraction.

Stephen Payne and Peter Newall, in their bookazine, Orient Line: The Last Great Liners, explore all these aspects in detail. Copiously illustrated with informative text, this publication will be of interest to ship historians and aficionados of great liners of the past.

Published by Ships Monthly Magazine.

Editor: Nicholas Leach
Authors: Stephen Payne and Peter Newall