Triumph Sports Cars Bookazine

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Triumph Sports Cars Bookazine

In the early 1950s Triumph, under the autocratic leadership of the Standard Motor Company's Chairman Sir John Black, decreed that the company needed a slice of the emerging sports car action, particularly in the highly lucrative American market. Black ordered the creation of a new sports car that would carry the Triumph name and take the fight to MG and Jaguar.

The resulting Triumph TR (for Triumph Roadster) cars created a sporting dynasty that lasted from the TR2 of 1953 through to the TR8 that bowed out in 1981. Along the way this incredible family of cars achieved so many milestones: from the record-breaking speed runs of the TR2, the introduction of fuel injection on the TR5, through to the thunderous V8 rally cars based on the TR7.

This bookazine celebrates the entire family, with guides to how the line developed and features on each of the models. Some are standard cars, while others have been modified for road or track, but all retain the special magic that Triumph built into every one of their sports cars.

There are buying guides too, plus advice on running costs, modifying and simply getting the most from a Triumph sports car. So whether your preference is for the back-to-basics thrill of the sidescreen TR2 and TR3, the Italian elegance of the TR4 and TR5, the more brutal treatment by Karmann for the TR6 or the distinctive wedge styling of the TR7 and TR8, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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