Rulers of Britain Coin Coll. Issue 16 - Edward VI

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Rulers of Britain Coin Collection

Issue 16

Edward VI

With this issue you will receive a high quality reproduction Shilling coin.

Nicknamed the 'Rpyal Imp', Edward VI was Henry VIII's much longed-for legitimate son, but teh boy king would not live long enough to become a man. History tends to think of him as a sickly boy, who was a pawn in his uncles' stuggles for power, but he was also an incredibly clever king, benefiting from a thorough humanist education.

His looks were pale and interesting, with red hair and one shoulder higher than the other. Edward was not backward in coming forward and understood teh poerful position he was in, even being bossy in his letters.

Read more in this fascinating publication. All with a reproduction coin.

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