Boxing News Presents

An exceptional in-depth series on the sport and the fighters

BOXING NEWS PRESENTS is a series that goes in-depth on the sport and the fighters, brought to you by the publishers of the weekly magazine Boxing News. Each 100-page bi-monthly issue focuses on a different theme to make this an unmissable collection for any boxing fan.

The series focuses on great rivalries such as Ali vs Frazier. This publication looks through the pages of Boxing News, one of the few eye-witness to cover their long and ferocious relationship from start to finish. There are original fight reports and previews, old and new features featuring fresh insight on their violent trilogy, alongside rare and beautiful imagery.

Throughout the series you’ll read exclusive interview after exclusive interview as champions like Marvin Hagler, Joe Calzaghe, George Foreman, Anthony Joshua, Henry Cooper, Evander Holyfield, Ricky Hatton and many, many more tell you about their careers and their greatest fights in gripping first person accounts.

Boxing News was established in 1909 and is the longest-running boxing magazine in the world. It has proudly won the hotly-contested Special Sports Edition Award in four consecutive years (2017-2020) at the prestigious Sports Journalists’ Association Awards.

Boxing News Presents
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Boxing News Presents
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